Fascial – Nervous system reset

Clinically tested approach to reactivating the body’s inherent blueprint for resilience and well-being.

Somatic Reboot Level 1 Training

We and our patients are under a significant amount of multilevel stress. Our primal fascial-nervous system is responding accordingly by keeping us in a constant state of flight or flight leading to chronic disease and dysfunction. Somatic Reboot is a training series that focuses on a self-care approach for you and your patients. It will empower you with the practical knowledge, tools, and resources to effectively treat and reset this vital system.

Coming Sept. 13th-15th

Boulder, Colorado

(In-studio and online participation)

3 Day Training Modules

Fascial-Nervous System

Understand the intimate connection between the fascial matrix and nervous system as they are embedded within each other. The nerves of the fascial matrix communicate 10 times faster than spinal nerves. The health of the fascial matrix directly impacts the resilience and functionality of the nervous system, and vice versa. Comprehending the depth of this relationship is crucial for promoting healing and lasting, overall well-being.

Vagus Nerve

Learn the anatomy, functions, and importance of the vagus nerve in regulating most bodily functions. The vagus nerve is the main operator between the brain and parasympathetic nervous system as well as your organs. Explore clinically proven methods that can be employed to strengthen and tone the vagus nerve to facilitate stress response regulation and promote balanced visceral functions.


Explore the vital connection between proper breathing, vagus nerve function, and the health of the fascial matrix. Participants will discover that evidence-based, mindful breathing techniques have a greater impact on nervous system regulation than meditation alone. Participants will learn and practice specific breathing techniques clinically proven to decrease anxiety and depression.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of clean, proper hydration on the performance of the fascial matrix and nervous system. Learning how water supports the optimal functioning of the fascial matrix as a shock absorber, conductor of information and transporter of nutrients is key. Participants will learn practical strategies for hydrating properly and efficiently, as well as the significance of water quality and structured water in promoting overall well-being.

Movement and Mobility

Delve into the transformative power of movement in regulating and balancing the fascial matrix, nervous system, and vagus nerve. Participants will practice myofascial stretches and other movement modalities to restore equilibrium within these interconnected systems. Through understanding the significance of repetition in creating fascial balance, participants will learn techniques and strategies to establish new movement patterns at a cellular level, promoting deep and lasting change.

Blood Sugar Balance

Examine the critical connection between maintaining consistent blood sugar balance and the ability to effectively regulate the nervous system and fascial matrix. Discover how fluctuating blood sugar levels disrupt the body’s ability to rest, digest, and heal- keeping it in a persistent state of fight or flight. Through exploration of the major influencers on blood sugar regulation, participants will learn fundamental tools to achieve personalized balance and support optimal nervous system functioning.

Practical Tools & Skills

Fascial - Joint Mobility with Props

  • Practice and experience using various shaped fulcrums along your spine to regain joint mobility and fascial flexibility in the most important transition zones of your spine

  • Learn and explore using various props to apply sustained pressure to restricted areas of fascia to restore fluidity and flexibility to the myofascial tissues

  • By restoring optimal mobility, flexibility, and function in these restricted areas you can achieve greater length, better posture, as well as more efficient mobility

Vagus Nerve Activation

  • Practice and experience vagus nerve activations in order to promote the “rest and digest” state and calm the “fight or flight” state

  • Learn and perform myofascial stretches that release, open, and stimulate the vagus nerve

  • Utilize props and fulcrums to activate and reset optimal vagus nerve function

  • By increasing the health and function of the vagus nerve you will restore homeostasis and body’s natural ability to heal

Advanced Breathing Techniques

  • Learn and perform advanced breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and encourage the state of rest, digest, and restore

  • Practice myofascial stretches to release and relax the psoas, diaphragm, and anterior neck to allow easier and more efficient healthy breathing

  • Learn how to utilize props and fulcrums to release spine, diaphragm, and ribcage to normalize breathing patterns and increase healthy oxygen uptake

Effective Hydration

  • Learn and experience the power of proper hydration tools to ensure optimal intake of water and essential minerals as it relates to nervous system regulation and optimal fascial health

  • Practice specific “compression and release” myofascial stretches that flush then hydrate the fascia, improve the shock absorption role of fascia, and increase fluidity of the system

  • Learn how to use our patient hydration survey and planning tool to get patients on the right path to better hydration and health

Blood Sugar Balance

  • Learn and practice for yourself the basics of metabolic typing for blood sugar and metabolic regulation

  • Understand and apply for yourself how blood sugar imbalances raise cortisol levels and stimulate the autonomic nervous system into a stress response

  • Utilize tools that will empower you to change dietary and eating habits so you can restore calm and optimize mental/emotional functioning throughout the day

  • Learn how to use our patient survey and planning tool to help patients gain control over their blood sugar balance and stress responses

Myofascial Stretching

  • Learn and perform a series of myofascial stretches for the most common back, neck, and joint pain conditions we treat as therapists

  • Explore how to properly cue and instruct patients in these myofascial stretches for nervous system health and resilience

  • We will teach you how to identify your personal series of movements and stretches to address your unique fascial imbalances, compensations and postural habits

  • Learn and practice our system of evaluation and prescription of specific myofascial stretches and mobilizations for each patient based on their mechanics of pain, resetting the fight or flight response, and restoring natural healthy breathing

Somatic Reboot Self-care Videos

See examples of some of topics taught by Mark and Nikki in the Somatic Reboot level 1 course. Dr. Mark Barnes walks you through changing your posture, breathing, and awareness as a fundamental skill for somatic regulation. Nikki instructs stimulating the vagus nerve and using eye movement to reboot our fascial-nervous system.

Course Testimonial

Everything was a highlight. I think all the content was woven together well, consistent with our need to be holistic and look at the entire system. The myofascial stretching was next level and I’m excited to have these new tools. I’ll also be using this information to care for myself better, which has been a huge hurdle for me. This was an eye opener as to how my lifestyle is affecting me. Thank you!

LMT Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Course Pricing Plans

Reboot Level 1 Training

$995 USD

Training includes:

Two ways to attend:

Reboot Level 1 Training

$995 USD

Training includes:

Two ways to attend:

Training Leaders

Mark Barnes


CEO Orbit Telehealth, Founder Barky Health and BackLab

Boulder, Colorado

Dr. Mark Barnes is an Exercise Physiologist and Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 30 years of clinical experience. Throughout his career, he has successfully owned and operated various businesses in the fields of physical and occupational therapy.

In 1997, Mark published a groundbreaking paper titled “The Basic Science of Myofascial Release” in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. This influential work explored the cybernetic systems science nature of fascia and presented the scientific rationale behind myofascial release as an effective approach for improving structural, physiological, and metabolic health in patients experiencing pain.

For his Doctorate thesis, Mark pioneered an evidence-based approach to utilizing yoga for the aging adult population. His research demonstrated that a daily practice of his adapted yoga method enhanced core stability, balance, and significantly reduced the incidence of falls among adults over 65 years old.

Mark’s dedication to patient care continues through his hybrid digital health clinic, BackLab, where he combines traditional outpatient services with innovative digital health approach. Additionally, he leads his telehealth company, Orbit Telehealth, while actively publishing his clinical protocols. Beyond his professional achievements, Mark enjoys pursuing his passion for surfing in the beautiful waves of Mexico.

Nikki Costello
Fascial Fitness Coach, ELDOA Trainer, HLC

Boulder, Colorado

Nikki Costello is a Fascia Fitness Coach with expertise in ELDOA training, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coaching, and Nuerofit. She has gained extensive knowledge through her collaborations with renowned practitioners like Dr. Mark Barnes, Dr. John Barnes, Dr. Guy Voyer, and Paul Check. Nikki’s personal journey of healing her own body has greatly influenced her success in helping clients. Despite being sidelined with severe pain, dysfunction and depression in her early 20’s, she refused to accept the limitations her body was giving her and embarked on a path of personal healing to reactivate her original blueprint of health.

With over 25 years of personal experience and coaching 1000’s of clients, Nikki has discovered that addressing fascia and nervous system health is the key to deep cellular healing. She combines science, experience, and wisdom to curate customized paths for her clients while addressing breathing, stress, movement, nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Nikki’s compassionate and enthusiastic approach, along with her clinically proven methods, has helped clients achieve remarkable results previously considered impossible. Her focus on the “whole body” enables clients to achieve freedom, strength and resilience in their bodies.

Barky Health is a company of Dr. Mark Barnes which serves as a launch point for MFR Health, BackLab, and his provider training and education courses.

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